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Marketing is an essential component of growing and improving a business, and should be considered a forward-thinking investment rather than a single inconvenient expense. The Bienville Group works with clients to help clarify their professional goals for highlighting the most competitive and attractive features of their practice, and to develop a unique plan using existing staff when available, as well as identifying the need for external resources.

Patients are better informed about their healthcare choices than ever before, but physicians are being tasked with having to market to an audience influenced by social media but not necessarily educated about medical providers’ hard-earned credentials and specialty services.

We strive to develop a specific, measurable plan for each practice to accomplish their marketing goals, and to help businesses create an identity that informs and invites new customers.

For many practices, the initial implementation of an EHR was a whirlwind process. The ability to truly master all that their EHR and PM system can offer is impossible during initial implementation. The focus during this time for most clients is to learn the basic functionality of the EHR to complete day-to-day operations without completely halting revenue. However, once the smoke has cleared and the initial implementation has ended many groups find that while they understand the basic functionality of the system, they are working longer hours, using more paper, seeing fewer patients, and making less revenue.

This is the time to call The Bienville Group. With 20 years of combined experience with EHR implementation and over 60 years of experience with clinical and practice workflows, our consultants are experts at making your EHR work for your needs. Our approach is a simple one. We first complete analysis of your existing system and workflow, looking at the big picture workflow as well as the system setup details. This analysis involves an in-depth review of your EHR as well as conversations with key staff members in all departments to get a clear understanding of your current workflow and bottlenecks. Once our analysis is complete, we will provide a report outlining all current bottlenecks we find and our recommendations for fixing these issues. This allows our clients to decide which issues they wish to tackle and wish they want our help to correct. Our flexible choices allow our clients to choose the capacity in which we work to best fit their needs.

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