EMR Third-Party Add Ons

EMR Third-Party Add Ons Overview

Third Party Add Ons for your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) can aid your practice in improving patient outcomes. For your electronic medical records system to be successful, you should take full advantage of third party add ons. In the Greenway Health marketplace and with the help of The Bienville Group, we can aid in deciding which third party ad ons can be beneficial to your practice. There is no one recommendation that can be made for every practice. After a decision is made, then The Bienville Group will work closely with your practice to ensure that everyone in your practice has been properly trained and is frequently trained through updates and new providers joining your practice.

EMR Third-Party Add On Consulting

Since there is no one recommendation that can be made for every practice, it is so important for your practice to hire The Bienville Group to help you choose which Third Party Add Ons
would be the most beneficial to your practice. We can help you go through your workflows throughout your practice to ensure all of your needs are met.

What are some common EMR Third-Party Add Ons?

There are a variety of third party add ons that you may be interested in. You will want to look at the needs of your practice, but also your patients. In most recent years, a third party add on for telehealth has been necessary. This allows your patients and providers to have the best telehealth experience with no disruption in workflows. A lab information system, or LIS, can aid in ensuring the proper lab information is received and this also makes the process much more efficient. Lastly, one of the other main ones to look into is a medical device integration. This allows your provider to manage ventilators, finger cuffs, etc. through this system.

What if EMR Third-Party Add Ons have not worked for me in the past?

What if Third Party Add Ons have not worked for me in the past?
The most common complaint about third party ad ons not working for your electronic medical records system is most commonly due to user error. If you purchase these EMRs and third-party ad ons without proper training, then you will likely not know how to properly use this technology, and therefore, you will believe that it does not work for your practice.

Why choose The Bienville Group for EMR Add-On consulting?

It is easy to purchase a third-party electronic medical record add-on, but proper usage and training for your staff is important. The first step for The Bienville Group is to study your practice and decide which third party add ons are going to be beneficial to your practice. Once that has been decided, then we can work together to update workflows to incorporate these changes. Your staff must also be regularly trained on these as well. If you purchase the add ons but never properly implement them, then your practice has not only wasted money, but they will also likely be very frustrated.

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