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Workflow Analysis and Improvement Overview

One of the main problems in implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) is incorporating them into the provider’s workflow. The best way to address these problems is to analyze the provider’s workflow before implementing the new systems. This can be a very difficult process and it is so important to hire someone that is an expert in the field to ensure that is done correctly.

How do I achieve the best workflow?

The first step to achieving the best workflow is by having a third-party come into your practice and analyze the workflow to see where any problems may arise. The best workflows ensure that the necessary information is ready at any moment so that the provider is able to make a decision or perform a task while they are working on that task. This allows no time to be wasted since the provider will be able to complete this task instead of spending time coming back to it.

What is involved in a workflow analysis?

The Bienville Group offers a workflow analysis and improvement for your practice. There are many steps that we will take to ensure that we see every step of the workflow and can properly see any problems that arise. The first step is identifying every problem within the various workflows, from there we will prioritize which ones need improvement first, and then we begin to redesign the process.

Do I really need to have a workflow analysis and improvement done for my practice?

Many practices believe that this step can be skipped in an effort to save time and money, but in reality, when this step is skipped, then time and money are lost. Implementing a new EMR or EHR can be very complex, and unless you have an expert on staff for you, it will likely be done incorrectly.

Another main reason to have a workflow analysis and improvement completed for your practice is because if your providers and staff are able to be more efficient in their work, then they are able to see not only more patients, but provide better care for the patients as well.

Even if you feel like you have the perfect workflow for your office, it is something that continuously needs to be re-evaluated as technology and everything surrounding healthcare is constantly evolving. One thing to consider is to have The Bienville Group aid in the launch of your new EHR, but to come back on a regular basis to ensure the best workflow is still in practice for you.

Why choose The Bienville Group for my workflow analysis and improvement?

The Bienville Group has years of proven experience in workflow analysis and improvement. No practice is the same, therefore, there is no one size fits all answer. When you choose The Bienville Group, we work side by side with you to ensure every problem is addressed and we find the best solution for your practice.

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