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Data Interface Overview

The use of data interfaces is important for your practice as they can connect to various outside software for things such as billing, radiology, labs, etc. This information needs to flow smoothly to allow the workflows to be seamless and the patient to receive the best care. This will also allow for data entry to be completed faster which allows for the provider to provide the best care possible. For more information on data interfacing for your practice, call The Bienville Group today!

Do I really need help with data interface with my electronic health records?

YES! This system can be very complicated and unless you have someone that is dedicated to this alone on your staff, it will likely not work. It is also important to look frequently and preferably from an outside perspective about how this is working.

What is the first step in data interface?

Once you have contacted The Bienville Group, we will discuss what your practice’s needs are. This is not a one size fits all practices answer. We will be able to talk through and watch to see what your needs are. From there, we can begin a timeline to see when your IT team and Greenway Health can begin the data interfacing. From these steps, The Bienville Group will be able to look for your other needs and ensure that implementing the EMR/ EHR is done correctly and efficiently.

What is the point in data interfaces?

The point of electronic medical records is to allow practices to collect patient information and to share it with other practices. This data can allow your practice or other practices that are receiving your information to best care for the patient. This information can be anything from billing information to prescription information.

If data interface is done correctly, then providers and their staff have noticed that they are more efficient in the clinic and are then in turn able to provide better patient care. For example, if you work in a clinic and your patient is headed to the emergency room. The emergency room is in need of the notes from your last visit, your staff is able to easily send this over so your patient can be cared for in a timely and effective manner.

Why choose The Bienville Group for Data Interface consulting?

The Bienville Group has years of experience with Electronic Medical Records, or EMR, and Electronic Health Records, or HER. Our team can help your practice by providing interface consulting. Data interface may be a very difficult process and it is important to have a professional helping you through these changes. The Bienville Group offers consulting and training when the implementation of the data interface begins, but we also offer frequent training as needed.

As your practice is learning your new data interface, they may run into various problems, and The Bienville Group offers support through this. We can help your practice at any stage of implementation and using the electronic medical records system.

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