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The manner in which patients are moved from an initial appointment request to the consultation and treatment process has a significant effect on any physician practice.

Patients are better informed about their healthcare choices than ever before, but physicians are being tasked with having to market to an audience influenced by social media but not necessarily educated about medical providers’ hard-earned credentials and specialty services.

The Bienville Group recognizes that with the increase in regulations and decrease in reimbursement, physician practices must become more efficient in how they move patients through the office. Our consultants can provide you with options that involve less overhead cost and increased productivity while allowing you to maintain the highest quality care for your patients.

The Bienville Group can help with your patient flow assessment through:

  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Evaluation of physician schedules
  • Observation of reception areas, exam rooms, and front and back offices
  • Mapping of existing procedures, processes and work flows
  • Staff feedback

Learn how we can help improve your Patient Flow.

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