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The Bienville Group is proud to partner with the following world-class solutions providers:

Cloud 9 Medical Solutions

Cloud 9 Medical Solutions provides “Patient Friendly” statements at a “Practice Friendly” price. Cloud 9’s customized statements have proven to help practices across the country save money, reduce phone calls and save billing office labor without changing internal processes. Pre-collection letters can be automatically sent with the patient statement to improve collections while reducing billing office labor.

Digital Network Solutions

Having a full time IT staff can be very costly and the cons outweigh the pros as the practice size gets smaller. The Bienville Group has a partnership with Digital Network Solutions, which is an IT company that not only serves TBG, but many medical practices along the Gulf Coast as well. Outsourcing IT allows you to get help when you need it, so you do not have to pay someone to be at the office at all times.

Greenway Health

PrimeSUITE®, Greenway’s fully integrated EHR, practice management and interoperability solution, improves care, reduces errors and simplifies business processes. PrimeSUITE® integrates all clinical, financial and administrative data in a single database to promote information sharing and ensure quick adoption through simple, intuitive tools that optimize daily processes.

iScribe Health

The digitalization of healthcare was intended to improve medical information systems, and yet the surge of EHR mandates in the past decade has only served to shift the burden of data onto doctors. iScribe has a solution that is affordable, effective, and simple to install. A mobile app that fully integrates with a medical team’s existing EHR system, iScribe offers doctors a way to mobilize and streamline their entire process so that they are free to focus on what matters: the patient.


The Medfusion Patient Portal is a cloud-based solution that enables practices to efficiently and securely communicate with patients online and via mobile device. More than 10 million patients use the Medfusion Patient Portal to request appointments, fill out forms, send secure messages to practice staff, and pay bills online and via their mobile device. The portal helps optimize time and workflows, so healthcare providers can get back to caring for people and their patients can focus on their health.


RecordQuest is a Release of Information (ROI) company enabling healthcare organizations and requesters a secure, reliable, and quick method to electronically exchange patient PHI. With a highly-trained staff and its robust, proprietary software, Recordquest is redefining ROI.


Relatient is passionate about assisting healthcare organizations with patient-centered engagement. By helping organizations automate patient-centered outreach and messaging, we help practices, hospitals and health systems facilitate more compliant, and ultimately healthier, patient populations.


Sharecare’s Value-Based Care is a Population Health and Quality Measure Attainment platform showing medical providers what they need to close gaps in patient care and maximize value-based reimbursements. Through MIPS, the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), MACRA, and other payor quality programs, our value-based healthcare management tools have helped practices save millions and improve the quality of care. We approach your challenges with deep knowledge of clinical workflows, business consulting, EHR training, and demonstrated success in assisting doctors to capitalize on their technology assets.

VL7 Solutions

VL7 Solutions provides innovative solutions to the Healthcare Community while striving to ensure full customer satisfaction and support. Our customers’ needs will always be our primary focus.


Waystar’s Web-based automated medical claims clearinghouse solution enables your practice to collect more money in less time with less effort. Waystar’s leading edge technology requires no software installation or capital investment. Switching to Waystar will not disrupt work or cash flow, plus we do all the work for you!

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