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Overview of Health Care Consumerism

Health care consumerism is a new trend among the next generation and it is essential for your practice to understand. Today’s patients tend to shop around. They like to know pricing and other details before they choose their physician. With unlimited data at their fingertips, patients are more knowledgeable than ever. You must truly understand the next generation of patients. The Bienville Group has this knowledge and is able to help your practice evolve with their expectations.

What is Health Care Consumerism?

Health care consumerism is the movement to put all of the health care decisions back into the patient’s hands and to make health care more efficient and cost-effective. The purchasing power and decision making goes right back to the patient. In years past, the patient would just accept their health care decisions that were made by others.

You must understand today’s patients as well. Today, they are quick to share their reviews digitally and through word of mouth, typically impatient and want their time to be respected, not loyal, they trust reviews that can be found online, and expect personalized care.

What are today’s patients looking for?

Today’s patients are looking for ease and convenience with their healthcare but also to have a trusted relationship with their physicians. They are also looking for access to health tools that can be studied at a later date, if they want to review it when they are out of the office. Telehealth is also being more and more utilized. The next generation of patient’s are going to be looking for a more hands-off approach – being able to make digital appointments, request prescription refills without calling in, visiting their physician through telehealth, and being able to review medical documents online. Today’s patients are looking to manage their own healthcare.

What does my practice need to do?

Each practice can vary, so it is important to call and schedule your consultation with The Bienville Group. From this consultation, we will be able to look for different avenues that can help your practice grow and accommodate healthcare consumerism. In most aspects of life, a consumer can research and understand the cost and benefits, but this is not true in healthcare. Most healthcare consumers wish that making a healthcare decision was much simpler, and due to the confusion, will often just skip their treatment or appointments. Offering clear, concise information for treatment and costs is essential for your practice.

The mindset here needs to change from healthcare to a more retail-like experience for the patient. Can your practice allow patients to “shop” online? Are they able to receive custom communication or chat with someone from your office? Can they pay their bills online? Your patients will also be looking for digital information about what they are going through or what decisions need to be made. Making an appointment needs to be as simple as possible. Embrace your website, digital platforms, mobile apps, and social media as often as possible. Contact The Bienville Group today to ensure your practice is evolving.

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