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Electronic Medical Records Overview

Electronic Medical Records, sometimes called EMR, is oftentimes referred to as Electronic Health Records, or EHR. Your office may use these terms interchangeably. Electronic Medical Records are essentially just the digital version of paper charts that are found in the clinic. This Electronic Medical Records can contain all of the medical and treatment history of a patient in one practice. The Bienville Group is happy to offer consultations to see how this can help your practice.

What are the benefits of Electronic Medical Records?

Electronic Medical Records can have many advantages for your office. It allows your office to check to see which patients are due for a check-up or screening, how patients are doing, monitor their care, track data over a period of time, etc.

Greenway Health and The Bienville Group

The Bienville Group offers consulting for Greenway Health – one of the top Electronic Medical Records systems. Greenway Health’s Electronic Medical Records platform is very user-friendly and can be used across many specialties. It is also a cloud-based program that is known to help your patient care but also your practice’s financial success.

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Interoperability and Electronic Medical Records

Greenway Health is a platform that connects data from a variety of systems to improve quality of care. With this interoperability, physicians can share patient information in an effort to make more informed and quality decisions about their patient’s care. Greenway Health also offers an open-platform technology with API, or application programming interface. Lastly, many medical devices from top device vendors allow easy integration for tracking and providing care.

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Workflow Analysis and Improvement

The first step in ensuring the integration to Electronic Medical Records is successful is studying your practice and noting any challenges that may occur. This will be done by analyzing the current workflow and seeing how this can be drastically improved.

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Data Interface

The Bienville Group will work to connect your Electronic Medical Records with any other data interfaces that you use – such as revenue cycle management, patient portals, practice management, etc. We have experience with a wide variety of these, so we can ensure your practice’s success.

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Third-Party Ads Ons

As previously stated, each practice is drastically different. The Bienville Group can help you see which third party ad ons would be beneficial to your practice. Give us a call today!

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Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support can aid in providing your providers with information that is specific to a patient to help them make decisions about their healthcare. The Bienville Group can also work with your practice to see how this can help your practice.

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Why choose The Bienville Group?

The Bienville Group has aided many practices in the transition to Greenway Health. Each practice is very different and we will ensure that your practice is comfortable with this new Electronic Medical Records system and continue to train your staff as changes occur. Electronic Medical Records and all of these other items can be very beneficial to your practice, so give us a call today to discuss.

Medical Solution Providers

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