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Clinical Decision Support Overview

Clinical Decision Support is a system that allows providers and staff make fast decisions for patients, which means a more effective and efficient practice. This may be seen as difficult to some practices, but it does not have to be with The Bienville Group! Give us a call today if you have any questions about this and we will be happy to help you.

What is Clinical Decision Support?

Clinical Decision Support, or CDS, is defined as a health information technology system that is used for providers, staff, and patients that have data or patient health information. Clinical Decision Support helps to improve health care by aiding in the decision-making process of your clinic workflow.

This type of support offers assistance with clinical decision making through software that pulls information from a patient’s electronic medical records to your providers for a quick decision-making process.

What is included in Clinical Decision Support?

There are many factors that are included in Clinical Decision Support, which include a variety of reports, summaries, notifications, reminders, templates, orders, diagnostic support, etc. In some cases, a very basic version of this is built into your electronic medical record system.

Why should I use Clinical Decision Support?

There are so many benefits that are associated with clinical decision support, or CDS. The most important outcome of using clinical decision support is the improved quality of care, which ensures that your patients are healthy and receiving the best care possible. It also to improve effectiveness in the clinic, which means your staff and providers are saving time throughout clinic and your patients are more satisfied as well. Clinical decision support also helps in reducing the number of medical errors that may have occurred without.

What if Clinical Decision Support has not worked for my practice in the past?

In some cases, clinical decision support has not worked for practices in the past. This is typically because they did not have any assistance in choosing the correct software for their practice. With The Bienville Group, we can help you analyze the workflow in your clinic, and then choose the correct software for your practice.

One of the other main problems that has been associated with clinical decision support has been combining this with your electronic health records. If this was your difficulty in the past, then it is a great opportunity to try to implementation with The Bienville Group, as we have years of experience and countless success stories with other practices that have made this change.

Why choose The Bienville Group for Clinical Decision Support consulting?

The most important part in implementing any change in your practice is ensuring the proper training has occurred. Once new software has been chosen, then we will come to your practice and train your providers and staff on it. It is also very important that we provide regular training as updates occur and new providers and staff join your practice. In an effort to help your practice be more effective, give The Bienville Group a call today!

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