Greenway Health Workflow Consulting

The Bienville Group’s consultants are experts in Greenway Health electronic health record (EHR) systems and in improving clinical workflow. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to customize each EHR to the specific needs of each provider and then deliver training, implementation and support to promote the optimal level of Greenway Health functionality.

Assessing the systems, staffing, processes, and outcomes of a practice can identify room for enhancement as well as the opportunity to diminish or delete non-value added tasks. Customizing Greenway Health to capture and generate information specific to your medical specialty will dramatically increase efficiency and add functionality that may be missing from your current business regime.

We understand providers and practice managers are burdened with evolving regulatory and technological changes that demand rapid change in a work environment that is more time-consuming than ever before. Physician burnout is at an all-time high. The Bienville Group constantly tracks industry changes and stays abreast of burgeoning developments. Let our consultants find ways to better utilize your existing system to improve efficiency, productivity, and revenue streams.