Greenway Health Template Customization

Greenway Health PrimeSUITE™ offers a library of standard templates and provides basic instruction to providers on how to customize these templates, improving outcomes across an entire practice.

Template customization can dramatically decrease documentation time, improve billing, and increase patient flow. However, we see time and time again that providers do not have the time to spend customizing these templates. We understand: From a financial perspective, a provider’s time is better spent seeing patients than tweaking templates.

Our consultants are experts in clinical template design and clinical workflow. We work closely with your providers, clinical staff, and coding and compliance team to ensure the creation of templates that produce the most efficient use of time and accuracy of information. No more extra clicks, no more deleting unnecessary information, and no more searching in real time for orders, diagnoses, and medications.

Creating standard documentation with an emphasis on the Evaluation and Management (E&M) calculation can ensure that the PrimeSUITE™ E&M calculator generates codes that accurately reflect your documentation. Templates with commonly used diagnoses and corresponding plan sets will significantly reduce the time it takes to create orders requisitions and post charges, as well as provide more accurate charge capture and decrease coding denials. PrimeSUITE™ can also be designed to automatically generate a customized electronic superbill– a required component of ICD-10.

An EHR system is a tremendous investment. Let The Bienville Group show you how to make that system an integral and successful facet of your business.