(RAC) Recovery Audit Contractor

Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC)

A Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) can be an intimidating process for a practice that has little previous knowledge or experience concerning it. Without proper understanding of the process and the information that is needed to comply, a practice or provider is already at a disadvantage. Without proper knowledge to combat false points of non-compliance, a group could lose a great deal of money through recoupments. The Bienville Group consultants have experience with RAC audits and how to prepare for them. We are also experts in coding and documentation, and will not be intimidated by auditors who may otherwise recoup money that they are not entitled to.

The Bienville Group's RAC program services include:
  • Identification of risk areas through evaluation of past claims.
  • Evaluation of proper medical billing coding.
  • Ensuring participation compliance.
  • Quantifying exposure.
  • Reviewing independent medical records.
  • Establishing a compliance program.
  • Conducting RAC training sessions to prepare staff for handling audits.
  • Assistance with RAC Appeals.